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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Paul Is Not Dead: plus Friends & Neighbours

Nothing whatsoever to do with Kenwood, but the first pic here, had it been widely circulated at the time, should have been enough to stop one of the more ridiculous (but nevertheless interesting) aspects of the Beatles´ story before it had a chance to become one of the more ridiculous etc. Paul crashed his moped at some point (probably December ´65), and it was really this which was the germ of the whole Paul Is Dead nonsense. As we can see here, however, he was very much alive, albeit with a fat lip and a cracked tooth. Ah, how many times have I been in the same boat. Anyway, a "Friends & Neighbours" links section has been added. Doubtless I have forgotten to include some very worthwhile people/sites, but I will add to this section as and when my memory kicks back in.


  1. Actually, Paul isn't supposed to have "died" until the end of 66, when the making of Sgt Pepper had just begun. Which is one of the many problems with the whole Paul is Dead mythology -- a lot of it relies on "clues" that are from before Paul is even supposed to have died. The moped accident that many people claim supposedly killed him about a year prior to when he's actually supposed to have died is just the most blatant. The alternate cover for Yesterday and Today, where Paul is in the box that looks like a coffin when turned on its side, is another. Again, happened pre-"death."

    Cool picture though. I've never seen one of him right after the crash.

  2. I had a feeling this post may provoke a few comments of this type...which is fine by me! Have you see the latest one - that many of the Paul Is Dead clues were "actually" predicting John´s death? Palpable nonsense.

  3. You mean the book that said John sold his soul to the devil, and that's the reason for his murder? And then ripped off a whole bunch of Paul Is Dead clues to make the argument?

    Yes, I spent a good deal of time laughing at that one.

    If you have time to waste, have you ever seen this site?


    It "proves" that Paul is dead by looking at the facial features of Paul and Faul (Fake-Paul). It's incredibly amusing, particularly in the cases where he looks exactly the same in the two pictures they're comparing. Just be careful -- the hilarity sucks you in!

    In any case, I'm a big fan of Paul Is Dead. It's really incredibly amusing, and it's a favorite pass time of mine to make Paul Is Dead jokes and refer to 67-68 period Paul as Faul. Probably because I'm a big Beatle dork, but there you go.

  4. Faul? Faul??? You mean, if Ringo had "passed" he would now be know as Fingo? I have seen that site. I am THE Beatles dork. Not just a common or garden dork. Before anyone feels the need to post that they are, in fact, THE Beatles dork, I should say that was a joke. I am simply A Beatles dork. In terms of size, semi-tumescent.

  5. Wow, this is the first time I've ever seen that picture of Paul with the fat lip, but just think about the pressure they were under at the time Paul didn't have time to let his lip heal or for that matter get his tooth fixed before it was time to film the Promo video for Rain & Paperback writer. I wonder how he felt about that.

  6. I´d imagine he felt very rich. No, you are quite right. For all the perks of being a Beatle, they were under an insane amount of pressure. Sporting a cracked tooth in a video was the least of it, unfortunately.

  7. ok a bit off topic but I think Paul still looks gorgeous in that top pic, even though he's injured.

    I love that Paul is Dead rumor...so interesting with all these farfetched "clues". Death date on the Sgt. Pepper's album? Incredible.

  8. I also read that the accident happened in late 66, so either he had two accidents or the date is fabricated to fit with the mustouche story.

  9. I think the latter is the case; he only crashed his moped once. Here's Brian Epstein talking about it, interestingly using the phrase "let it be."

  10. As this thread also deals with the famous moped accident, I would like to refer you to a little sum-up here:

  11. Well if you are THE Beatles dork that means Cara is a Fork.