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Monday, 17 September 2012

14 Hour etc.: 29th April, 1967.

The two Johns, so goes the story, had been up for days at Kenwood, fuelled by contemporary substances, when John spotted a TV news story concerning that evening's 14 Hour Technicolour Dream at the Ally Pally. Psychedelic Roller duly commandeered, off they did trot.
This pic shows the pair there, and lest there be any doubt about the chemical element...the eyes have it.


  1. Mydriasis Extremus, blimey...

  2. Interesting pic, never saw it. Dunbar does look very "stunned". John more composed. Bet he probably wasn't.

  3. I reckon that at the tail end of a trip they would have been in reasonable control, enjoying a mellow acid after glow, maybe smoking some weed on the way up in the roller. Even though they`d been tripping out for a few days they both look clean shaven and well turned out.

  4. I was wondering about the "tripping for days" reference. I do recall reading about this spontaneous excursion in one of the zillions of Beatle books I have read over the years - I don't even have most of them now (probably at my brother's place, he's a book hoarder).
    Was it perhaps the Pete Shotton book? (Which I warmly recommend btw.)

  5. The attendance of both Lennon and Dunbar is well documented now in videos of The 14 Hour Technicolour Dream which are available on youtube.

  6. The attendance of both Lennon and Dunbar at this event is well documented now in videos of The 14 Hour Technicolour Dream which are available on youtube.