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Monday, 10 September 2012

Kenwood: December, 1968.

Foot-holding "action" in the master bedroom at Kenwood.
Note the bedside literature in the picture below; John, in common with the rest of them (and with the possible exception of Ringo), always was an autodidact.
Apparently in later years, and in Joycean fashion, he would read seven pages of seven books before sleep, covering such subjects as ancient history, anthropology and mysticism, amongst many others.
But back to feet:

Many thanks to Robert Dietrich.
ADDENDUM: More bewks:

Lizzie just sent this 'un. Thanks Lizzie.


  1. They were all autodidacts. Ringo is certainly self-tought. And he did have acting skills which the others didn't have.
    But I'd say John was the only true intellectual of the group as he always was an avid book reader as well as a scribe.

  2. Re. autodidacts - yes, quite right. However, I tend to take the term (possibly wrongly) to imply a natural, wide-ranging intellectual curiosity, which John, Paul and George clearly had, and which Ringo possibly less-clearly had. Which is not to say anything about intelligence - Ringo's no dummy, as someone once put it.
    I'm not sure if John would have welcomed being tagged an intellectual, though. He always seemed quite down on them.

  3. Intellectual is quite a difficult term or concept to define. It's very possible he would have loathed the tag.

  4. I think if you defined intellectual as someone who lived mostly in their head/ideas, then John would fit right in...When he talked about himself, he seemed to value acting by instinct/intuition above thinking, so I suspect he wouldn't have tagged himself as an intellectual.