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Monday, 17 September 2012

3 Savile Row: then & now, part 3.

A final helping of Apple, for now at least.
Heading up a floor, we come to the press room...or what's left of it, which isn't much. In fact, this whole room has been reconstructed, with only the window wall intact from the Deggs-era. Then unt now above, and a couple of '69 shots below:

Just outside is a small windowless room which, I'd guess, was once the "black room", infamous dumping ground for the thousands of demos, scripts, etc. sent in following the following:

And that "infamous" room:

Ever upwards to the top floor, and the head of the stairs circa 1914; this rather ornate staircase was pulled out in the 1960s, pre-Apple, and the whole area was demolished in the 1970s:

Top floor, back and front, or north and south, as you prefer, circa now/1914. In Apple days, home to Apple Films and the kitchen. John and Yoko's caviar bill was, apparently, on the indulgent side:

Finally, the roof, which requires no description:

Other than to say that it too has been completely rebuilt - but note how everything around it remains unchanged; the chimney pots, or lack of them, make a good reference point:

And there we have it.


  1. I've always wondered: is that John Lennon in the "This man has talent..." ad? If not, Apple must have known it looked like him.

  2. It was Alistair Taylor, sacked shortly thereafter.

  3. Now I sleep easy. Thank you.

  4. Hunter Davies is on the Apple Roof today being interviewed by Dutch TV:http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2012/oct/05/beatles-fifty-years-love-me-do

    The old curmudgeon has developed a bit of a familiar routine in recent years: "Why does no one ever ask me about the other 40 books I've published? It's always the Beatles. Others know so much more about them than me by now - it's getting embarrassing..Oh btw I've got another book/autobiography coming out which features the Beatles."

  5. The other one he usually trots out is "There must be 5000 people now living off the back of the Beatles." Aye, Hunt, 5001 if we are including you. (But he's alright really; any curmudgeonry is fine by me.)

  6. Actually, that last comment is a little unfair. Hunter has published 40 or so books, only a few of which have any Beatles connection, and long years churning out columns, etc. He does make part of his living off the Beatles, I suppose you could fairly say... so maybe 5000 and half. Incidentally, his new Lennon Letters collection is rather good, though it does feature a Kenwood related howler.

  7. It appears that Abercrombie is open around july this year, I was there last week. It will be the 'Abercrombie Kids' department, moving out from nearby offices on the corner to number 3 Savile Row. The basement, first floor and second floor will be shop sections, 3rd en 4th floor will be offices for Abercrombie.