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Friday, 9 October 2009

May 1967: part 2.2 - Hille House & yet more sunroom detritus.

Speaking of odd coincidences - the above photo of the Beatles at Hille House, Brian Epstein's private office, taken in May 1967 (though not, I think, on May 18). Mark Lewisohn has been in touch, and he reckons the picture in the previous post was also taken in this location. That makes sense, so I dug out the above photo to illustrate - and realised that this was the very one that Ken "BZ" Wood was referring to in his comment on the TeenBeat post.
Thus, this also provides a closer look at another bit of John's sunroom junk.


  1. Yes, that is the one! Over at BZ we once were discussing this photo and our member wizz came up with the date of May 17 plus John Winn says there were photos taken on that day at Cavendish.
    Here is a link to better version:
    If you`re interested in the photo research regarding this periode, here is the link:

  2. I start wondering - how many photo-"sessions" were there in the sun room, which ones have definite dates and then could we date those without now a bit better with the identification of things on the shelves and walls? To give an example: that great header photo of your site of a Pepper-era-John, it WAS taken in the sunroom, right? It does stem from what seems to be a very slowed down bit of film of him, possibly in "Imagine" or "Anthology" IIRC. Have you yet done a analysis on this bit? Those blogs are nice but would be even nicer if there would be a option to create a index of entries. In the case of this site I guess there would be two indexes needed actually: one sorting the entries by date they are dealing with and another doing the same by place.

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  5. Hi Ken. That's not a bad idea, but I'm not sure how you would do it. Very hard to pin a lot of these things down exactly. Thinking about it, there were at least three "official" photo sessions actually inside Kenwood, in 1965, 1967 and 1968. The 1967 and 1968 ones can be dated exactly - but I'm not sure about the 1965 one. As for the header photo, it was indeed taken in the sunroom, and is part of a home movie shot there - but beyond early 1967, I can't date it any better than that. Still, if you have any ideas, then drop me a line via the header email address.

  6. Oh, I see - all the 1967 sun-room ones come from the same date then? Didn`t fully realize this up until now. Anyway, on the mustachoid one the Pepper-candelier (or whatever it is) is still/again in place. The clocks to the left are there too, but besides it seems that the boards are rather empty and only have been filled up with that whole lot of stuff afterwards. Too bad, I really thought we`d have several photos of the shelf-content from different days when it really is only one (make that two with the film-snippet).

  7. Not all of them - but a lot are from the June 29 session. I'll maybe do a post at some point specifically on that day. There is also a photo somewhere on the blog of John looking fairly unkempt - clearly having just gotten up. It doesn't show the shelves, but judging by the tache it must have been taken at roughly the same time as the home movie. There are also the fan photos of John with the Fool, which show the other end of the sunroom. The interview with Marijke narrowed the date for those down - but again, impossible to pinpoint exactly without more information.

  8. Thanks so much for all your effort - I know that we come from two different directions: you try to find out WHERE a photo has been taken (down to which corner of the room) while I try to find out WHEN a photo has been taken, but our paths cross a lot as my prime research time frame is the Pepper one. All of your work is appriciated but a "wrap-up" for June 29 would sure be one of my faves.

  9. Sorry for keeping returning to this entry... just one last question: has this statue been identified? I think it must be an award, but which?

  10. Re with statues and M Ls suggestion. Dare I say no, with statues is same clothes as the "alleged",by B Monthly Mag, All you need is love session eg Paul playing Ringos cymbal, John at open front upright piano etc.But behind table is Serpentine day, Ringo has the cape and John wore light trousers so not statue day.

  11. Stephen, I think you are wrong and actually mixed something up here - first of all the photos that BM labels May 17 would not show the recording of All You Need Is Love but of You Know My Name (BM`s fault).
    Secondly I get the feeling that you are refering to some different photos here, because:

    1) I have absolutly no idea what "behind the table is Serpentine day" means and don`t see a serpentine in either photo.
    2) Ringo wears no cape in either photos ("session" or "statue" ones) - he wears the same jacket in both, however takes it off during the course of the sessions.
    3) John clearly wears dark trousers in both.

    At the Beatles Day-by-Day forum we currently have another go at these photos, check them out here:

  12. NOW I get it what stephenmcg meant!

    "with statues" + "All you need is love session (sic)" are the same day (May 17), as has been figured out before.

    "behind the table" (the black and white photo that Lewisohn ALSO thinks is May 17) is NOT! Instead it is the "Serpentine day" (Photosession in Hyde Park, Serpentine Road, Serpentine Lake, London with Marvin Lichtner of the "Times Magazine" and for "The Beatles Book", according to "Die Beatles - Geschichte und Chronologie" by Moers/Meier/Bühring/Budeus) on May 18!

  13. And certainly Lewisohn might still have been right as well as he ONLY said that he reckons that the b/w was taken in the same LOCATION as the color one - he did NOT say on the same DATE, which seems to be what stephenmcg understood.

    Guess we cleared this up now!