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Friday, 13 March 2009

Kenwood: 1967 & 2008.

John's "perch" (for want of a better word) is still there, but the sunroom, of course, long gone. I suppose whoever demolished the sunroom did so, at least partly, to add "value" to the property - and the new room may do that. But I wonder how much value is now lying on a scrap heap somewhere? Given that someone was willing to pay over half a million dollars for the talisman necklace (which is insanity, I grant ye), how much would the fixtures and fittings from the sunroom alone have made? A tidy sum. I reckon, though, that if the whole cult of the Beatles continues the way it is going (and I do realise this blog is a small product of such nonsense), then at some point in the future a billionaire Beatles loony will buy Kenwood as the ultimate bit of memorabilia, and probably restore it to how it was. It maybe won't happen for decades, but one day, you mark my words, I'll...errr...have the money. Guess who provided the 2008 pic? (Mr Baiardi again - thank you to him).


  1. hey that was my plan... to buy kenwood and have it restored to it´s look from around 66/67. if i ever have the money, that is...
    but i guess you are the kenwood lover here, you are the expert and i´ll probably have to let you do the job ;D
    how about two billionaire beatles loonies??

  2. I'm no expert! But I'd be up for pooling resources and buying it. So far, I can contribute around 50 British pounds.

  3. I think it'll be good if someone might convince the current owners: Mr & Mrs Z to restore it..or some other rich russian (Beatles fan) :)

    ..maybe in the future, vote for it on 'Restoration' (TV)?!

  4. heee... or we ask a couple of other poor beatle loonies and buy it all together! then it wouldn´t be too expensive for the individual... how many loonies would we need if everybody contributes around 50 pounds...?? i´m no good at maths... :S

  5. That would equal...an enormous quantity of loonies. Are the current owners Russian? Interesting. Ya gavaryoo po roosskee choo-choot! I lived in Russia for a few years a while back. Do you know the current owners, Mr Wood?

  6. Unfortunately I don't know them lol..I would love to sell the idea to them though! I'm sure they'd be interested, and probably know about the previous occupancy :)
    btw, it would take 120,000 Beatle/Lennon Fans donating £50 GBR to make the market value I believe; I still consider a recreation of the Sunroom as the most viable project, all the paraphenalia, posters, pictures, furniture, table? piano, mortar/pestle, crucifix, chess pieces prehaps?! maybe that's too ambitious - through various stages of Lennon's time there, inc. divorce et al..maybe a timelapse rendered CGI piece..hmm, or even Second Life?!! lol, possibilities are endless! !
    The proceeds raised through the sale of the art-installation could be autioned and proceeds would go to Yoko's Peace work:)
    I think there are plenty of willing and dedicated pop rock celebrities who would be daring and loving enough for a project of that scale, given that objects can be sourced, reproduced and donated ...even bringing the original objects together! or Beatles Museum..? ..ahh that would be worthy of any Turner Prize!

  7. 120,000? Hmmm..might be a little cramped. Possibilities are indeed endless - watch this space... :)