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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Kenwood: attic studio - 1967 & 2006.

This, sadly and happily, represents the peak of this thus far. On several different occasions vaguely contemporary photos of this room have been almost within my grasp (Joe Baiardi's wonderful and valuable vid notwithstanding), but in each case the photographer has decided that you seeing them would violate their essential etc., so unseen they remain.
None of this matters, but if it does, it is because in this room John (and Paul) wrote many of the most etc. songs of the 20th etc. right here! Next to the stuffed bunny!
As "then and now"s go, this is the tops. That bunny occupies the very spot. Oh yes. Or no.
A veritable trove has almost literally been inserted in my hard drive this evening (steady), and the results will, due to the fact that I am unemployed, be on here imminently. But this is the best one, mundane as it may be.
(This is how the room looked a few years back. Now not. So "then and thens" then.)


  1. what an amazing change of scenery... stuffed bunny and all! by the way, just looking at all those reel-to-reel tape recorders and realizing they nowadays could all be replaced by one simple imac - can you imagine how much john would have loved all the stuff steve jobs and his people created? people can record entire albums in their own homes!

  2. Can you have a putting a tape in backwards lucky accident with an iMac though?

    I wonder if creating an album on an iMac etc leads towards a certain routineness and ironing out of any creative 'accidents'.

    Is it just me that despairs at seeing the new furnishings and is desperate for some millionaire Fabs fan of outstanding taste and sensibility to acquire Kenwood?

  3. don't you worry, stuart, the minute i win the "mega sena" (lottery) here in brazil i will fulfill that dream - and you can all come visit anytime! with the help of this blog, i can make it look exactly like it used to. and as for the tape thing, i was just talking about how things have changed over the years. i was a backup singer for a big part of my life and spent ages locked inside studios when they still used the big machines and tapes.

  4. Lovely but sad pic. What is this sacrosanct room used for these days?

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who wants to win the mega millions loto and buy John's house and return it back to how it was!