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Friday, 25 November 2011

Cavendish Avenue: 'tachefest '67.

Paul and John talkin' the 'tache in Cavendish Avenue circa Sgt Pepper. Interesting for any number of reasons to those who may be interested, but the Night o' The Eyes always in mind (not literally).
Intereshtingly, John caught in almost the same position as Paul:

Cheers Tammy... Oh you.


  1. Wow -- You can't get much more candid than these! Questions come to mind: When were these taken? Post-Pepper cover photo shoot, I'd imagine. Possibly before or after a session at EMI? Who are the two people in the photo with John? And I'd always wondered how John got dibs on the official Pepper drum head, particularly considering how dismissive he was towards the album, and the fact that the song was Paul's.

    Once again, this blog amazes me!

  2. the photo of paul and martha was definitely taken by my friend stuart with my camera and it's originally in color. i sent him the other two and he's 99.9% he took them as well, also with my camera. mick jagger and terry doran were there too. stuart spent a whole afternoon with them. he was interviewing john and didn't have a camera. i was waiting outside and told him to take mine. we never traded names or phone numbers (teenagers!), but the film that was in the camera had one frame and he took that gorgeous photo of john outside paul's house (area leading to the back yard). a few years ago he was online to go to a paul concert (i think it was the roundhouse one) and a friend of mine overheard him telling this story and told him she was friends with the girl who lent him the camera. we've been friends ever since and met again when i was in london last year. full story and photos in my book.

  3. I had a feeling these might be Lizzie related. She was kind enough to show me a proof-copy of the book during her visit - there are so many incredible things in it, I don't know where to start (or stop). The ones above have been blown up from tiny examples that Tammy found somewhere or other on-line, hence the out-of focus quality. Lizzie's book will be full of such things, only pin sharp. I dribble in anticipation.

  4. hi sean! i found those photos online and sent them to tammy. i was wondering if he'd ever seen them. what i think i didn't explain well before is that stuart gave me back the cartridge (instamatic film) with the one photo of john, which he only saw after we reconnected. he took the other one with him. i just think this is such an AMAZING story, that a 17-year-old guy could spend a whole afternoon inside paul's house interviewing john, with paul and mick jagger there. he said george arrived as he was leaving. the one thing we can't figure out is the exact date. can you believe i didn't write a word about this in my diary? as a typical teenager, i sometimes spent days without writing a word. so glad you enjoyed seeing the book, sean. your opinion means a lot to me! on a different note, what the hell is going on with the weather these days? it's the end of november and i have long sleeves in rio de janeiro - helloooo??? we should be boiling by now... i want to hit the pool/beach, come on!

  5. Hello Lizzie!

    I think I might have asked a few weeks go on BeatlesPhotoBlog, but when do you think your book will be out and how will it be available to purchase? Thank you. So glad you're putting it out.

    - Marvin

    PS- I sent you a twitter request (@muavin)!

  6. hi marvin! i'm sorry, but i don't have an answer for you at this time. i am self-publishing, so we just have to wait and see. it's very close to being done, but it will be a few months. there's sooooo many details! i am awful at this twitter thing, i never go in there, but next time i do i will certainly accept your request. thanks for your interest in my book!

  7. Ah that's okay. Thanks for the response :)
    I'm sure you'll mention the news on one of these photoblogs in the near future. I'll look out for it. I'm sure I speak for many when I say that I'm very excited for it.


    - Marvin