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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Sunny Heights: 1968 part 1 - oot!

Judging by the hair, this is circa White Album. Not a happy time, and not a particularly happy Ringo by the looks of things. John (when not telling them to "Sod Off" or sending Julian to tell them to "Sod Off"), Paul and even George (though as likely to dispense a lecture as an autograph)(and woe betide anyone who touched his tulips, messed with his marigolds, or bothered his errr...begonias) would sometimes open the door to fans and be fairly amenable. Ringo, though usually happy to send an autograph out (with peace and love), generally refused (presumably also with peace and love) to come to the door and indulge in jibber-jabber with the "fannage". (Apparently). Not in the case illustrated above, however, captured outside the front door of Sunny Heights. Many thanks to Joe Baiardi for these candid pics.


  1. Oh my! I LOVE these! What rare finds. You are so right. Ringo was more likely to sign something and send it down to the fans at the doorstep than to talk to them personally. I only have one other fan photo of Ringo signing at his door. So you know that I have stolen these photos to post on my blog. Hope you don't mind.

  2. why is he signing w/ his right hand? isn't he left-handed? are the fotos reversed?

  3. The great man himself answered this one for a TIME magazine interview: "I was born left-handed. But my grandmother turned me into a right-handed person. So, I'm actually ambidextrous. If I throw anything, play cricket or golf, it's done left-handed, but I write and cut with my right hand. I'm a weird, handy guy." So there we go.