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Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Beatles: All These Years, Vol 1.

Exciting! For once! The Special Edition of Mark Lewisohn's Beatles' history can now be pre-ordered! (He's the one on the right, above.)(I think.)

I don't need to to tell you, do I not, that this tome has been 8 years in the making, that this tome promises to be the ultimate why? what? where? when? how? whathefuck? tome; that though this tome will certainly spawn a thousand trails leading to other tomes, there will never be another tome like this tome. 3 volumes (or tomes), overall, and, finally, here is the first.

According to Amazon, Volume 1 will have, initially, two editions: a standard hardback first, priced at 30 pounds, and the Special Edition, priced at 120.

Now, 120 quid in these disgusted times is a lot o' dough, no question, but you are getting the whole schnizzle for that - the unexpurgated poop, the undefiled shiznit... 1856 pages, apparently, and, in short, the fruit of 8 years' research and writing, and half a century's knowledge.

Plus it's a limited edition and I guarantee you there won't be a more sure-fire investment this year.

So, if you can possibly afford it, here it is: ALL THESE YEARS - SPECIAL EDITION VOLUME 1

The above leads to the UK Amazon site. The US one doesn't have it up yet. As it were.

But all actually quite exciting, no?

UPDATE: Official site link now added under Friends unt Neighbours!


  1. Dead exciting, especially with your guarantee offer. D'you know what years Vol 1 covers? We talking Upper Pleistocene to Lower Paleocene or what?

  2. As far as I understand, it goes from the mid-19th century(!) up to New Year's Eve 1962.

  3. I knew it went through 1962, but I didn't know about the mid-19th century thing. What is your source for that? Also, I'm presuming it will be listed on the U.S. Amazon site at some point?

  4. The source was a radio interview Mark did last year; presumably it starts then in order to explain how they ended up being Liverpudlian (or English), as opposed to Irish (or whatever).

    It will certainly be up on the U.S. Amazon site at some point. I'll keep an eye oot and post something when it appears.

  5. a MUST HAVE! considering i need just over 3 of our brazilian money (real) to buy one £, i'd better start saving!

  6. Fab! Is the special edition different text-wise or is it just a deluxe big leather job?

  7. I clearly didn't express it properly above, but the Special Edition will be, as far as I know, around 1000 pages longer than the standard edition. That's what yer paying the extra cash for.

  8. I'd be very surprised if the price doesn't drop drastically by the time the book is eventually released, and that this is simply Amazon playing it safe by putting a top end estimate to cover themselves. The standard edition is £30 which is way more expensive than a typical first-run hardback.

    Having said that, who knows if this will be a standard text-only affair. I seem to recall Lewisohn saying he'd get a website up and running to host his vast archive, so we may see some of that in the book.

    Whatever, I'll have to get this. Thanks for the link.