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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Cavern Club: August 22, 1962 (unt oder sheisse).

This only has 200 or so views on YouTube, so far. Why God, why? It's all great, but the highlight has to be a complete run through on one camera of Some Other Guy, with no stupid cutaways to them doing Kansas Shitty (or whatever it was).
Regulah readahs will know my fondness for pretentious bullshit. Enuff already! This, to quote Shakin' Speare 'imself, is the shit, the bomb, the flim flam flum: in short, feckin' GENIUS.


  1. Quite a clip! Something to do with this Beatles Live project praps? Interesting there's a compere announcing band and song, I wonder if Cavern compere or Granada TV compere.


  2. That. Is. Amazing. Just when you think you've seen it all! Love this blog, by the way. Always thrilled to see a new update.

  3. Points to note:

    1) At the end, John bends the neck o' his Rickie, causing an unusual (but great) whammy-esque conclusion...and immediately whips his hands off as he recognises (or pretends) that he has "done" something "wrong"...hence his final comment, "We'll probably have to do it again".

    2) Macca, in particular, seems wired. Watch his face closely throughout.

    3) Watch the interaction between John and Ringo (who was very newly in the band).

    4) John keeps a close eye on the camera, and on a couple of occasions is saying something or other directly towards it.

    5)Some other bullshit.

  4. 6) Macca's count in over Bob Wooler's intro; perfectly timed, and a good example of their new trouser-related professionalism.

  5. I love this old clip. John, of course, is so beautiful.

  6. I've been scrutinizing this clip. I agree it's more fascinating, today, to watch an unadulterated clip of the band doing a whole song. But the cutaways (on the familiar) do make it more 'interesting' (at least as far as 1962 teatime telly goes). The focus gets lost a bit as the camera zooms in, which is where the first cutaways begin. Also on the familiar clip, many of the crowd seem to be mouthing the lyrics, and someone seems to shout "Where's Pete?"at the very end, whereas in this clip Lennon talks about doing a retake. This makes me think they either had multiple cameras to get the audience reactions, and the tapping boot etc, or (glory be) there's somewhere a 2nd full take of 'Some Other Guy', albeit from another angle. Or, more likely, it's just another highly-edited TV job, with the original footage long swept up by a cleaning lady called Ethel. But what do I know? A mere layman. Probably common knowledge to the hardcore.

    By the way, I do like that odd German dialect you've been developing. Your English is coming along well too.

  7. Danke.

    There is definitely at least one more complete run through of Some Other Guy. See here for a detailed analysis:


    I don't mind the out of focus bits; it all adds to the pungent vérité...

    There's also, o' course, the film of John watching it at the Apple office in 1969, and his subsequent comment that it wasn't really the Beatles (sell-outs/suits/etc.).

  8. Aw, once a layman always a layman. When will we know everything? And will it be available in German? It makes me think how wonky the whole of 'History' must be, when it's so hard to piece together even recent history like this, where many of the main players are still alive, and that's with the benefit of sound and picture technology. Zut alors!