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Monday, 23 July 2012

3 Savile Row: basement.

Not that you'd know at first, second or third glance, but the above is a photo of the basement room at 3 Savile Row, circa 1915 and the very spot where the middle third of LIB was filmed. I recently found a fascinating antiquarian publication by the then owner of the house, Basil Dighton; said tome includes a history of number 3, plus 15 photos of the interior.
It's been surprisingly hard to match most of these to images of the Apple incarnation, but this one I've managed, mainly because a couple of obvious features survived further renovation, namely the fireplace:

...and the wooden roof beams:

The book is in a bit of a state, having nothing much left by way of a spine, and also being so dried out that the paper is beginning to crumble. Even scanning the above pic has led to considerable damage, but I will try and scan more as and when I can. And you try, as ever, to contain yourselves.


  1. Once again, you are amazing

  2. Fascinating stuff - I guess all rooms at no. 3 will soon be accessible to the masses - at least the masses shopping for A&F kiddies t-shirts at 50 quid a throw. I can't wait to be one of the 'dreadful people' to descend upon the Row not willing to Give 3 Piece a Chance. Suppose I had better take an infant along to cover my tracks - luckily I have several available but their price may well be one of the bloody t-shirts.

  3. For the benefit of those...
    3 Savile Row has, apparently, been taken over by Abercrombie & Etc..
    If true, this means that soon we will all be able to do Then Unt Nows in real time, provided we can get by the massed hordes of Rutles fans stealing the etc.
    The tailors have been up in arms, but I welcome this development as a legitimate chance to etc..
    It's not far from my work, and the basement and ground floors are currently covered by a workies' awning, though no actual work appears to be taking place.
    Similarly with the former Scotch Of St James, also not far from my work, and clearly summat going on there too.

  4. dear sean, you never cease to amaze me - this is too cool for words!

  5. Really would like to see the other 14 pictures :)