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Saturday, 10 March 2012

1967: 1967: 1967:

The one above is new to me, and clearly goes with this 'un, which isn't:

And this 'un, which also isn't:

Where were these taken? EMI? Who is that man/woman/etc sporting bi-focals (other than Winston)?


  1. These are photos taken by Lizzie.

  2. Indeed so. But they are all out there; I got the first one off someone's photoblog. Her book will be very good indeed, judging by these (and the fact that I have actually seen a third of her book, which was more than very good indeed).

  3. Is it John Dunbar praps?

  4. hi everyone! i was in porto alegre, south of brazil, where i gave a lecture (guess the subject?) to 150+ people at a big bookstore (fnac, it's a french chain, there are 10 branches in brazil). it was a huge success! people from 8 to 70 were very moved, one woman hugged me and cried! i took some photos to give out to people, it was fun. then i went to são paulo for the weekend and came back last night. the 2 top photos were taken by me. there are more from that day, he was posing for me. it is at emi. the other one was taken by my friend lucy, also at emi. i know the date but won't be able to look for it now. regards from a (still) boiling hot rio de janeiro.

  5. i'm sorry i wrote all that stuff about my whereabouts - after all, this ain't facebook! just found out the date for those two photos - it says may 3rd, 1967, but it also says john left at 12:15am, which means that it was already may 4th. he said to me "we're trying to do a record, you know?" and signed some photos. he signed the first one then said "can i sign the others too". poor man, just the sight of me and he would start signing... i had him trained! (when i think about it, if i had asked them to sign all their albums between 67/69, i could now buy a house with the money they're worth!)

  6. Great stuff, Lizzie.

    According to the Beatles Bible, the record they were trying to do that night was The Magical Mystery Tour. That particular night they had four session musicians in recording the trumpet parts.

  7. thank you sean, it really means a lot that you liked what you saw of my book. we (the designer & i) are doing it with much love and care. i know it's taking forever, but i have come to terms with the reality that - at almost 61 - i am not as fast as i used to be. plus the fact that i am having a really hard time deciding what to keep in and what to cross out from my diaries. i was recently threatened by one of the girls (a tourist, not one of the locals). she said she didn't authorize me to mention anything that she was included in, even though i don't mention names in my book. she was very rude in her choice of words, kind of scary. i had to read the whole book all over again and take out all nationalities and which beatle they liked best, so no one can be recognized AT ALL. portuguese version should be in the printers sometime in april. english version will follow after that. right now, stress is my middle name. i am paying for all this myself. in order to make the book i want, i had to do it this way. have a great day, everyone! yet another beautiful, warm, sunny morning in rio de janeiro. i will never get tired of them!

  8. Is George offering that guy in the glasses a toke on his cigarette?

  9. i can't figure it out, jonathan... i would have to look for the original photo to see if it's clearer. also, i contacted my friend who i thought took this photo and she's not sure if she did or not (she lost all her photos and negatives in a flood).

  10. I totally love the first and second photos,mostly the first :) !