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Monday, 20 February 2012

Cavendish Avenue: circa August/September, 1967.

John arriving at Paul's, and another to add to the pile of same.
I'm guessing August or September '67 based on the barnet, and the "Joseph" coat, which also saw an outing on the way to Bangor to meet that ol' Maharishi circa then.
However, an exact date for this would be of interest; it might even capture John's arrival at the first post-Brian-demise meeting round Macca's "crib", when it was decided 1. to continue, and 2. to make a start on MMT asap.
(Or, as ever, not.)


  1. Never ever saw this. Fantastic! The colors are remarkable. It's like I'm there. :)

  2. You gotta give the man credit, he had great taste in clothes, and boy did he look good in them.

  3. Great photo. Love fan pics and this is my favourite Lennon period too.

  4. hi everyone! i have several photos of john wearing that cape (which he also wore in mmt, as you will remember), including that one. i took at least 3 photos of him wearing it, one of which sara posted on her blog with - wait for it! - shaun weiss' watermark all over it (i have the negative and original print). unfortunately, i am working so i can't do much research, but in my diary for september 6, 1967 it says john was at cavendish that afternoon and later at emi (wearing the cape/jacket). i was there when this particular photo was taken. the next day he was at emi also wearing the same cape. i remember (and you can sort of see it in one of my photos) he did a little dance for me, but my cheap boots copy of an instamatic camera of course didn't get it. lack of technology was certainly an object to my photography! but i didn't do too badly - which you will be able to confirm when you see the photos in my book (which by the way i am working hard to finish soon). trust me to decide to make a book that's like a scrapbook, with photos and images on almost every page: it's sooooo much work, but i am soooo happy with the results so far! i just asked my designer to put together all the photos of denise and i (or is it denise and me?) sitting on or leaning against john and paul's cars. i don't know any other fans who had this particular obsession with their cars, and the double page came out FAB. i'm talking too much again... kellerbelle, i couldn't agree with you more! and sean, i know what you're thinking: you saw the 78-page digital print out of my book (about 1/3rd of it) ready in october 2010, what the hell is taking me so long. and the answer is... it's my fault, for which i apologize. be well, my dear friends!

    1. John and Paul looked so good at this time. I love the colorful clothes. I can not wait to buy your book. It's sounds amazing!

      I posted this on the Meet the Beatles blog about shaun weiss. He has a facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/weissweissinc
      He acts like he has taken many of the photo's he posts on his facebook. He has said he knew the Beatles. I wonder what is up with this guy? Weird.

  5. So this was September 6, 1967?
    Looking forward to the book - the bit I saw was fantastic.

  6. yes, my friend, from what i have read in my diary so far it is. i will look at the month of august and see if he wore that jacket then and let you know.

  7. This is why I come back to this site every day!

  8. i come here every day too, since!

  9. I just love this photo and I can't wait for your book Lizzie. x