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Monday, 29 November 2010

Kenwood: 1967 & 2010.

So much time is spent (or wasted) here cataloguing those things that haven't survived the ravages of wealth-related caprice/ blinkered philistinism etc, that it is good to see something which has endured; and good, too, to see a bespoke version of this shot - John's favoured perch still very much there, and, with the obvious exception of the sunroom, so is more or less everything else...apparently. Thanks to Joe Baiardi (for it is he), and more to come on this theme, if theme it be.


  1. Ah the perch.
    Do you know of any photos showing the view from the perch? That would be interesting to see. Cheerio.

  2. First, thanks for a fantastic blog!

    What is the extension of the sunroom you are referring to many times? Was it demolished?

  3. This has been gone into at great length elsewhere on the blog, so suffice to say that what was left of John's sunroom was finally demolished completely (along with much of the rest of that part of the house) in the mid-90s. What's there now is new.

  4. Someone needs to tell the idiots who demolished the sun room and what ever else, that when I win my millions I will buy that house and redo it all back to John's time. ;p

  5. Great pic! I don't know how Joe keeps on managing to get access to all these amazing Beatle sites. I saw a vid on YouTube of him visiting Sunny Heights and the current owner was quite happy to show him and a friend around the grounds. Its a cracking vid, I'm sure you've already seen it Sean, but just in case, here's the link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6I4liq7x3wY. Hope Joe manages to keep it up! Thanks for posting.