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Friday, 14 May 2010

Poole: Bournemouth ferry - then & now.

"Then" being 1967 era-o'-tache-era, "now" being...now. And it must be said, the fash has gone way downhill since them halcyon days. But there we go.
Having, needs must, said that, the kiosk endures. Expect to see it at Sotheby's in the not too distant future:

Many thanks to Andrew Downing for the contemporary pics, and for his not inconsiderable trouble.


  1. God, how I love this blog! I really don't think I could explain the excitement of seeing the ferry ticket kiosk that John once briefly passed to anyone else who knows me.

    Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Is John's fly unzipped? :)

  3. Awesome pics! I saw the very jacket John is wearing in these pics at the White Feather exhibition in Liverpool last year. John wore it quite a lot in early/mid 1967 - he had it on in the famous Sgt Pepper launch pics taken by Linda McCartney too if I'm not mistaken. It was amazing to see that jacket right in front of me, and I love the fact that it survived and is still intact!

  4. Is that actually Mimi with him and Julian? Methinks it is....Wonderful pic! Can't you just tell how delighted John is to be the focus of so much attention? :)

  5. Yes, that's Mimi. John quite often went down to Poole to visit her at Sandbanks.
    And yes too - he looks like he is about to twat the guy with the (cine?) camera. (With all due peace and love.)

  6. Actually, the more I look at this picture, the more questions it poses: what is John doing with the bucket and spade? We know he was famously vague, but surely even he would know better than to think January to March would make for Sandcastle weather?!? Julian looks somewhat alarmed - think he might be worried that Dad might be about to blow a fuse? And where is Cynthia? Maybe she'd had enough of Mimi circa 1962/3....

  7. I really don't think there's much mystery here; John didn't shave his tache until June (we're back, inevitably, to the tache), and though it does look a bit chilly, kids don't tend to care about such things (cold weather that is, not tache-shaveage). If Julian looks alarmed, it's probably because of all the people gawking. And Cynthia may well have stayed at Kenwood (she and Mimi didn't like each other much) - but Poole isn't far from Weybridge, and John and Junior probably just nipped down for the afternoon.

  8. i love this photo! i have a black and white one taken by a fan who happened to be there - i can't remember who gave it to me. and about that jacket... i took several photos of him wearing it.

    1. The full story of that photo is told in the book Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Beatles & Bournemouth
      But I would seriously welcome the chance to see another version of the photo and hear about how it came to be taken.

  9. Wow Lizzie, its so cool to hear from you first hand on this blog!! You're a legend!! You really should write a book about all of your Beatles related escapades - I'd love to hear all about them!! What I'd give to have been in your shoes in the 60s!!

  10. Mimi's house was just to the right of where this photo was taken: literally half a minute's walk away. They are stepping off the Sandbanks Ferry which goes to Studland and Shell Bay (also a nudist beach!)

    And just to the left of the photo, is the Harbour Heights Hotel where the reception for Mimi's funeral would be held in 1991, attended by Yoko, Sean and Cynthia.

    Far out to see John Lennon in a place I know so well.

  11. Mimi mentions this incident (I think) with the camera-man and the ferry in a 1981 interview on you tube...

    Dear dear Lizzie: what are the chances of seeing the other shot you have of this? It would be special to see another photo of John in Poole or Bournemouth, as well as this one (and the cover for With The Beatles, which was taken in Bournemouth).